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          Beijing Xinbaoyuan Movie & TV Investment Co., Ltd. is a movie and television company that integrates filming, production, distribution, talent agency, etc. With First Rank State TV series production Permit, the company is fully capitalized, has strong creativiness, and broad business relationships.

          The Company has remarkable achievement in the production of domestic television series. With famous director Mr. Zhao Baogang as their main mentor, several production groups have relied on their unique style of works to consistently make impact on the domestic and foreign TV series markets, promoted the development of Chinese Celebrity plays and soap opera, and introduced genres that include city life, major historical theme, thrills and suspense, etc. For several major television stations, to air these production works is considered a guarantee of high-quality taste and high viewership rating.

          The Company has top-notch distribution staff, whose distribution network covers several hundreds of TV stations in several Chinese provinces, cities, and autonomous regions, and with whom they maintain good cooperative relationship, effectively ensuring timely broadcast of programs. At the same time, prompt feedback on various aspects also provides accurate market forecast for the production of the plays.

          The domestic TV series produced and released by the Company include: “A Sentimental Affair of the Exploiting Classes”, “A Winter without Snow”, “Divorced Men”, “Never Let Go”, “Like Fog, Like Rain, and Like Wind”, “Silk Rain”, “Behind the Luxury”, “How can I Save You, My Love”, “An Entrepreneur’s Story”, “Farewell, Vancouver”, “A Century of Changes”, etc. The Company have cooperated with several movie and television companies in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, etc., and have successfully filmed and released many joint venture TV series like “The Young Hero, Fang Shiyu”, “Stranger”, “Dazzling Knight”, “Chess Warrior”, “Little Innocent Shrewd”. The broadcast of these programs on various TV stations in the entire country has received relatively high rate of viewership, with shows like “Never Let Go”, “Like Fog, Like Rain, and Like Wind”, “Little Innocent Shrewd” and “How Can I Save You, My Love” ranking on the top of the list in audience viewership. In order to strengthen the international cultural cooperation, the Company has particularly endorsed the 22-episode TV series “Farewell, Vancouver” directed by Mr. Zhao Baogang. This TV series was mainland China’s first work on city life, completely filmed in Canada, and has been broadly broadcast in the entire country starting from Spring of year 2004, and which has received many favorable feedback.

          The Company has signed development contract with a group of young actors/actresses who are actively involved in the area of movie and TV series,including Sun Honglei, Li Xiaoran, Zhao Lin, Liao Fan, Zhou Xiao’ou, Fu Jing, Zhang Duo, Sui Junbo, Zhang Xinyi, Tan Kai, Li Chongxiao ,Zhao Leietc. In addition to completing the Company’s yearly film plans, these contract actors/actresses also actively accept invitation in making films with other film companies. Especially loved by the Hong Kong movie fans in Hong Kong, these actors and actresses have audiences from all over China and other Chinese regions in the world. Their good reputations and broad influence have greatly enhanced the strength of the Company.

          Serious working attitudes, high working efficiency, and outstanding work are the essence of the Company’s growth principle. Since the beginning, our employees have used their practical moves to earn good results and reputation in the industry. They shall continue to keep their niche with enthusiasm in order to make more contribution to the movie and TV industry in China, Asia, and the whole World.